Pupil Premium

Rational for pupil premium spending. 2016-17

Pupil premium children achieve less well in Literacy and Maths than children nationally, particularly boys. Barriers to learning include, family circumstances and attendance.

Interventions will, therefore, focus on raising attainment in English and Maths and providing learning opportunities to engage boys, including outdoor learning. Funding will also be spent on raising children’s self esteem, improving attendance so that it reaches our school target of 95%.

2016/17 Pupil Premium – GL Code 153050
Pupil Premium funding for this year is £53,100.
Pupil Premium will be allocated as follows:-

Allocated Amount General Ledger Code Description
£ 4,000.00 144180 Projects and Activities (Trips)
£ 500 142000 Uniform
£ 48,600 Staffing Codes General Staffing to keep staff compliment therefore benefitting pupil premium children