Religious Education

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  • People & communities
  • Pictures about themselves and others' families
  • Imitate activities from home / cultural background
  • Similarities between themselves & others
  • Describe special times
  • Show interest in different ways of life
  • Enjoy joining in with family customs and routines
  • Know about similarities & differences between themselves and other communities and traditions
  • Christianity and Hinduism
  • Religious stories, The Creation Story, Rama & Sita, The Good Samaritan
  • Learning about celebrations - Christmas. Easter, Diwali
  • Churches & Hindu Temples
  • Understanding why religion is important
  • Recognising Christianity & Hinduism
  • I can discuss a range of religious stories and understand their meanings - Noah's Ark, Nativity
  • I can name and write some facts about a specific celebration
  • I can identify some religious symbols and know which religion they belong to
  • I can name a religion, ho they worship and where / when they worship
  • I can name and recognise a religion and understand why it is important to those people

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