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  • Make relationships
  • Seek out others to share experiences
  • Develop some special friendships
  • Develop role play ideas with others, initiating play with them
  • Feelings & behaviour
  • Names feelings
  • Follows routines and expectations
  • Responds to needs and wishes of others
  • Self confidence & self awareness
  • Separates from carers
  • Expresses own interests and preferences
  • Talks about home / community
  • Responds to praise, enjoys responsibility of small tasks
  • Philosophy for Children (P4C)
  • Jenny Moseley Circle Time
  • Demonstrate friendly behaviour
  • Initiate conversations
  • Form good relationships
  • Take steps to resolve conflict / without aggression
  • Confident to speak to others about wants, needs & opinions
  • Describe self in positive terms
  • Understand actions affect other people
  • Talk about feelings & behaviour
  • Know what makes them unique (similarities & differences)
  • Confident to try new activities
  • Philosophy for Children (P4C)
  • Enterprise (one event each half-term)
  • Autumn 1 - Being Responsible
  • Autumn 2 - Differences & Diversity
  • Spring 3 - Exploring emotions
  • Spring 4 - Relationships
  • Summer 1 - Being responsible
  • Summer 6 - Bullying matters
  • Healthy living day
  • I know the local environment
  • I know what I'm good at
  • I recognise emotions
  • I can say why I'm special
  • I keep myself clean
  • I stay safe online
  • I know who to go to when I feel unsafe
  • I listen to others
  • I recognise and respond appropriately to bullying
  • I make and follow rules - I understand why we need rules
  • I know I belong to a community

Health & Wellbeing

  • I know what's meant by a healthy lifestyle and can describe some ways of staying healthy (Healthy Living Day)
  • I can say what I like and don't like. I know that some choices I make can have good or not so good consequences
  • I can say what I am good at and what i would like to get better at (Targets, New Year's Resolutions)
  • I can describe my feelings to someone
  • I can identify and move some feelings due to change or loss
  • I know how I can keep myself safe on the Internet and I know why it's important
  • I can identify people who I can go to if I am worried or feel unsafe. I know how to get help
  • I know what privacy means and that I have the right to privacy


  • I know that I don't need to keep a secret if it makes me uncomfortable or afraid
  • I can recognise different types of bullying and understand that these are wrong and unacceptable
  • I know some strategies to stop bullying and where to go for help (Anti-bullying week)

Living in the wider world

  • I can make rules and agree to follow them. I understand how rules help me
  • I can say how the local environment can be harmed and protected (Arctic, global warming
  • I know that money comes from different sources and can say how I would spend it (Enterprise)
  • I can say why I am special

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