Physical Education

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Physical development

  • Climbing apparatus
  • Explore travelling in different ways
  • Throwing, kicking & catching a ball
  • Pedal a trike

Exploring Media Materials

  • Express themselves through movement
  • Learn repertoire of dances
  • Real PE
  • Balance bikes
  • Negotiating space / changing direction / speed
  • Jumping & landing appropriately
  • Travel with confidence (under, over, through)
  • Increase control pushing, patting, throwing & kicking
  • Show good control & coordination in large/small movements
  • Initiate new combinations of movement & gesture
  • Represent own ideas through dance
  • GoNoodle
  • Jump Start Jonny
  • Co-ordinate to complete a sequence of movements
  • Static balances - both feet
  • I can show balance in a dynamic balance
  • I can show balance in a static balance (seated)
  • I can jump & land safely
  • I can demonstrate a dynamic balance (on a line)
  • I can run in a variety of ways
  • I can demonstrate a static balance (stance)
  • I can throw with some control
  • I can catch with some control
  • I can demonstrate a counter balance with a partner
  • I can demonstrate my coordination by throwing and catching a ball
  • I can demonstrate my agility by linking some movements together
  • I can perform some movement patterns and sequences
  • I can demonstrate some agility when playing team games
  • I can use some tactics for attacking and defending
  • I can demonstrate a controlled static balance (floor work)
  • Real PE booklet statements
  • Balance - static, seated, dynamic (with control)
  • Coordinate to complete footwork
  • Jump & land
  • Run confidently
  • Throw
  • Catch
  • Counter balance
  • Coordinated throwing and catching
  • Agility by linking movements
  • Perform a sequence
  • Play team games
  • Simple tactics - attacking & defending

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