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People & communities

  • Talk about home experiences
  • Special times & events
  • Show interest in lives of other people


  • Ask questions about the place they live
  • Identify today's season & weather
  • Comment & asks questions about where they live
  • Look at similarities & differences in relation to where they live
  • Show an interest in lives of people who are familiar to them
  • Show an interest in different occupations and ways of life
  • Compare local area and another UK location
  • Identifying the four seasons
  • Locating hot & cold places on the globe
  • Use vocabulary to discuss human features
  • Learning N, S, E, W using directional language
  • Making maps with a key
  • Understanding aerial photos
  • Identifying today's season & weather

Locational knowledge

  • I can name and locate most of the worlds seven continents and five oceans on a map
  • I can mostly name, locate & identify the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom

Place knowledge

  • I can compare a place in the UK to a place in a non-European country

Human & Physical Geography

  • I can use a variety of geographical vocabulary to discuss key physical features, e.g. beach, forest, coast, valley, river, sea, mountain etc
  • I can use geographical vocabulary to discuss key human features such as city, town, village, farm, sky, factory, house
  • Geographical skills & fieldwork
  • I can use world maps, atlases and globes to identify the United Kingdom and it's countries, continents and oceans
  • I can use aerial photography and plan perspectives to recognise landmarks and basic human and physical features
  • I can devise a map with a simple key
  • I can discuss the physical features and human features of my school and its grounds
  • Identifying today's season and weather including temperature

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