Design and Technology

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  • Understand tools used for a purpose
  • Construction using a range of materials
  • Begin to construct horizontally, making enclosures & creating spaces
  • Manipulate materials to achieve a planned effect
  • Construct with purpose
  • Adapt work where necessary
  • Select tools & techniques to assemble & join
  • Explore a wide variety of tools & techniques
  • Design a product with labels & materials (Treasure Island, Castle, Jack & the Beanstalk)
  • Make a product using tools and equipment
  • Use appropriate materials
  • Investigate how mechanisms work
  • Where does food come from (Warburtons visit)
  • Identifying healthy & unhealthy foods
  • Design - I can design a product, (with labels and materials), that is purposeful, functional and appealing
  • I can select and use a range of tools and equipment that is appropriate to the task
  • I can select and use a range of materials that are appropriate to the task
  • Evaluate - I can evaluate my product against my design and say how it could be improved
  • Technical knowledge - I can build stable structures
  • Cooking & nutrition - I can name the main food groups

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