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  • Operate simple ICT equipment (CD Players, basic skills)
  • Cause & effect toys - simple mechanisms: remotes, winders, friction cars
  • Pressing parts, lifting flaps
  • Internet safety
  • Complete simple program
  • Log on to computer
  • Use iPads
  • Use remote control cars
  • Use BeeBots (simple coding)
  • I know what an algorithm is (Lego builders)
  • I can put a set of codes into a digital device (BeeBots, Scratch, 2Code, Code.org
  • I can debug simple programs
  • I can log on and log off
  • I can create a piece of work using simple programs and use technology to save and retrieve my work
  • I can name a variety of technology in school and beyond
  • I can say how to keep safe
  • I can say why I need to keep personal information private
  • I can say where to go for help if I think something online is unsafe
  • I understand what is safe and unsafe online and why this is
Y2 Autumn:
  • Log on, log off - 2Simple
  • Use the Internet to find information - dinosaurs
  • Create a piece of work using a program - 2Simple
  • Use technology to save & retrieve work
  • I can put a set of instructions into a device - BeeBots
  • I can make predictions on the behaviour of programmes
  • I can debug programmes
  • I know what an algorithm is
  • I can put a set of codes into a device
  • I can debug simple programmes
  • Safety - follow JM plan

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