The teachers in Woodpecker Class will be Mrs Edwards on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs McCarron on Thursday and Friday. The Teaching Assistant in our class is Mrs Allan. We will be working on the objectives from the National Curriculum through fun and engaging activities whilst still accessing play based learning inside and outside.

Our library day will be Thursday and our PE days will be on a Monday and Tuesday. We will read throughout the week so please bring book bags every day; book bags are also used to bring home letters and the children's work. Our spellings test will be on Wednesdays. Please bring a water bottle, water bottle baskets are located outside our classroom. Copies of letters and spellings etc will be pinned up on our notice board; outside the classroom to the left of the door. Any questions feel free to ask!

Advice from a Woodpecker - Find your own rhythm, Peck away at obstacles, Be colourful, Carve out a place for yourself, Make your voice heard, It’s OK to be a little flashy, Use your head!