Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 2
Our Autumn Term 2 topic is…

Best of British

We have an exciting term and a very busy one too!
Our topic for the next 8 weeks is Best of British.
Weeks 1-3: We will be learning about The Great Fire of London.
Weeks 4-5: We will be learning about Florence Nightingale.
Weeks 5-7: We will be learning about Toys in the Past.

The role-play area will represent London and the Great Fire that occurred in 1666 as well as the bakery where children will take turns to bake some treats during the term. Yum Yum! As we approach Christmas it will turn into Santa’s Toy Factory where children will practise what they learn about money in Maths selling toys from present day and past.

Dates to remember…
• Friday 9th November - Y2 trip to the Town Hall
• Tuesday 13th November - Parent’s reading morning 9am
• Friday 16th November - Children in Need Non uniform day (Spots)
• Friday 30th November – Christmas Decoration Day
• Friday 15th December - Christmas fair
• Thursday 20th December – Y2 Nativity Concert
• Friday 21st December- Christmas party AM/ Church PM

This term in Maths the children will be learning…
• To solve addition and subtraction facts and word problems.
• To understand the value of different coins/notes and solve problems involving money
To help your child, please ask them to solve verbal word problems. This will help develop their mental calculation strategies. Please see your teacher for more information on how best to support your child.

Through English this term the children will be looking at a variety of texts and writing for different purposes. They will read a variety of texts including The Great Fire of London, Florence Nightingale and Samuel Pepys. The children will then use their knowledge of these famous English people to write newspaper reports, recounts, diaries and instructions. In grammar, they will learn about suffixes (things added to root’ words to slightly change their meaning) For example, ed ing er es s ly.
Please search for these when reading books at home. The more they practise, the more they can consolidate all that has been taught in school.
We are happy to supply any additional resources to support your child’s needs.



Autumn Term 2