Governors Annual Statement

Governors Annual Statement July 2016

Guidance from the Department for Education requires that Governing Bodies make an annual statement to parents.

The Governing Body at our school endeavours to fulfil the role defined by Government supported by the Local Authority. In doing so we hope that we can help to make our school the very best it can be for the benefit of our children, and be even better today than we were yesterday.

This statement will explain how we have fulfilled our responsibilities, including:

The Governor role is intended to be strategic in nature while being a “critical friend” to the Head teacher and the school leadership team who are responsible for the day to day operational running of the school. In reviewing the way the school works, the Governors have gained an enormous respect for all the staff in the school. The amount of effort, care for our children, and “going the extra mile” we see on a regular basis from all our staff, is nothing short of inspirational.

It is not only academic progress that is in evidence in the school, but all the clubs and other activities that show what a broad and fulfilling education our children benefit from in our school.

We would like to take this opportunity to give a huge thank you to all our staff for the level of effort and care they contribute.

Governance Arrangements
The Governing Body is made up of 14 members plus 1 Associate member.The current governors are listed in Annex 1 and all have the same overall responsibilities; they do not represent their appointers, but are intended to be representative of them. Our agenda planner helps us to ensure all the topics we are required to discuss each year are covered.

We have 2 sub-committees that perform much of the detailed work in accordance with their terms of reference, as outlined in annexe 1. Annex 2 lists the attendance record for each of the governors. Many of us are not educational specialists but bring experience and skills from other professions that help us together to form an effective governing body. Attendance at meetings is only part of the role. We also talk to staff and parents and children about different aspects of the curriculum and school life . All governors attempt to spend time in school each year, attend events as appropriate and attend identified training to support their role.

Effectiveness and Impact of the Board
This year we have continued to consider how our work has helped to progress the education of our pupils. We have continued to develop skills in understanding how our children are learning, being assessed; and making progress; and how that progress compares to other schools locally and nationally. We think that working with school staff in this way means we can ensure your children get the very best educational experience possible. Performance data of the school continues to reflect that this is proving to be a successful partnership. The monitoring tool that we developed last July, has enabled us to be clear about our Strategic Vision and how we are all achieving this.we have also undertaken a Self Evaluation of our work this year, which will inform our work for the next school year.

We have also been closely involved in the building work for reception children, and improvements to office space and kitchens, and children should be moving into the new building in the next Autumn term. We have also supported the school’s continuing investment in Outdoor Learning and activities, from which the children gain so much.


The main challenges we have addressed this school year include:


This year we will be continue to implement the strategic vision monitoring tool. Following the Self Evaluation process our other priorities will be:


I hope that this statement has been useful and any comments would be gratefully received.

Suggestions are welcome at any time through the school email address or our office.

Christine Martin
Chair of Governors

Margery Lievesley
Vice Chair of Governors