World Book Day 2016

The children celebrated World Book Day 2016 by coming to school and nursery dressed as a book character. They looked fantastic in their costumes, thank you parents for providing the costumes which helped to make the day really enjoyable. Each class spent the day enjoying stories written by an author of classical children’s literature. They then wrote book reviews, made potions, wrote stories, made puppets, masks and models, to name just a few of the activities that the children enjoyed. Here are some photographs of the children for you to enjoy…WD_0A08 WD_0C91 WD_7B80 WD_8A5D WD_0768 WD_317D WD_88EC WD_65E4 WD_8D49 WD_926B WD_6910 WD_A6D0 WD_2009 WD_A6E9 WD_ABD4 WD_4422 WD_5775 WD_ACBC WD_ACC7 WD_B6A4 WD_B8CF WD_ACEC WD_AF81 WD_C093 WD_D4F2 WD_B1FD WD_B03A WD_D7D8 WD_EC0E WD_F0BD WD_DB5C WD_E9B6 WD_F101 WD_E760 WD_EA11 WD_FB3E-1 WD_F617.