Wonderful Whales Class Spring 4 Newsletter

Our Spring Term 4 topic is Deep, Down Underground…

Welcome to term 4.

Thank you to everyone for coming to see our class assembly: the children had a great time and were very proud to share the things that they have been learning.

WE RAISED £67.46.  Thank you very much!

During this topic the children will be learning lots about life ‘underground’ looking closely at things growing underground and things living underground. The children will engage in many outdoor learning opportunities including observing seasonal changes, recognising and naming trees, plants and flowers, looking at the structures of plants and trees, and investigating life down under! We will also grow our own ‘cress heads’ and beans.

Below are a few key dates to remember:

Tuesday 1st March – Y1 Road Safety

Friday 11th March – Mad Science Day (based on SPACE)

Monday 21st March – Easter Decoration Day

Thursday 24th March – break up for the Easter Holidays (Happy Easter!)

Homework: Thank you for supporting your child’s learning at home: the things that the children produced for their Pirate Project were amazing!  Please look at the homework display outside the classroom: you will be blown away by their creative skills and imagination!!! Also, thank you for the amount of time you give your child, supporting them with reading. Last half term, nearly everyone read at least 3 times a week. No wonder everyone is making so much progress!


This term in Maths the children will be learning many things including: place value (tens & ones), calculations (adding and subtracting: missing numbers); measurement (length/ heights – long, short, tall and mass/weight – heavy, full) Please support their learning in any way you can at home. If you require any additional resources to support your child, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Through Literacy this term the children will be looking at a variety of texts fiction and non-fiction. First we will be reading instructions and then following these instructions to make a cress head and a wormery. We will also write our own instructions on how to make an egg and cress sandwich (eggs laid by our own hens in the chicken coop!)

We will also be digging underground and investigating life under there. This will be reported on a fact file. Finally, we will read and write story of the enormous Turnip.

The children will be learning to read key words in these texts, including contractions and words with added prefixes and suffixes. They will also be learning to write short stories about the text we have read… We will be paying particular attention to how letters are correctly formed using our new pre-cursive script, and how to spell words using the correct graphemes taught so far.

Wow, we will be learning lots!!