Starfish Class

Starfish Class.

Things to Remember: 

Tuesday and Thursday –PE days.

Wednesday-Library morning.

Friday-Spellings day

Last term the children really enjoyed learning about ‘Let’s Celebrate’ and this term we will be learning about Polar Regions in our topic ‘Brrr It’s Cold. We will be learning about the Artic and Antarctica and all of the different animals that live there.

In Literacy we will be looking at factual books and powerpoints and learning how to write  a factual piece of information. We will also be writing some poetry based on polar animals. We will be concentrating on making our sentences more interesting by adding describing words and joining words, as well as our on-going skills of full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. If your children do any writing at home please help them to remember these things and send it in  to school for us to see.

In Numeracy we will be looking at multiplication and division as well as our on-going skills of addition, subtraction and hundreds, tens and units.

We will be continuing with our ‘BIG Write’ and the children’s completed work will be placed on the writing wall.  Please feel free to look at your child’s work with them to see how they are improving each time.

Our themes for Science this term are ‘Changes’ and ‘Materials’


In our classroom at the moment we have our very own igloo that the children are really enjoying exploring. Come inside and have a look !  A HUGE thank you to anybody that saved us milk bottles in order to do this


Reading at home.

Last term we had a lot of children who had read 3 times at home every week and they received a treat. We will be doing it again this term and keeping a log of who reads every week.

In school we teach the children the skills that they need to read. In order for them to progress and become fluent readers, it is essential that they get the opportunity to practise reading at home so that they can use the skills that they have learnt. It is especially important this year as the children will be assessed on their reading skills in their SATs which will take place in May 2014.


We would like to thank the parents who worked with their children over the Christmas break to research our topic for this term. The quality of work being returned to school has been fantastic and we feel that the children have enjoyed doing it. We will be keeping a log of who returns homework again this term and at the end of the term the children who return it every week will get a treat.