Spring Term Newsletter

Welcome back, we hope you have had a lovely Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year!

Our Spring Term topic is….’Brrrr…. It’s Cold’

During this topic we will be looking at places in the world that are cold, focusing on Antarctica and The Arctic. We will be learning about the different animals that originate from the Polar Regions, comparing animals from here to the Antarctic and looking at polar explorers.

Week 1 Comparing here to the North and South Pole.
Week 2 Looking at animals found in the North and South Pole.
Week 3 Big Write week – Writing an information booklet about the North and South Pole.


Week 4 Researching about Arctic Explorers. (Robert Falcon Scott)
Week 5 Activities based around the Story ‘The Penguin who wanted to find out’ by Jill Tomlinson
Week 6 Activities based around the Story ‘The Penguin who wanted to find out’ by Jill Tomlinson

English: This term in English the children will be reading and writing information texts and stories based around polar regions. Children will be encouraged to write more detailed sentences using a range of conjunctions (and, because, then, so) and ambitious vocabulary.

The children are going to be practicing their cursive handwriting and we are expecting to see them using this in their everyday writing. Throughout the lessons we will be focusing on editing and improving our work through ‘Big Write’ sessions. Please take a look at our ‘Wizard Writer’ folder in the classroom, they are great!


This term the children will be learning to count in steps of 2, 3 and 5. They will be comparing and ordering numbers up to 100; and adding and subtracting two two-digit numbers and three one-digit numbers.

They will be learning to use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure mass (kg/g) and read relevant scales to the nearest numbered unit.

The children will be learning to identify and describe the properties of 3D shapes and using this to sort and compare.

Homework & Spellings

Thank you for taking your time to complete homework and spellings with your child each week.

Homework and new spellings will still be sent home every Friday and are due in the following Friday.

Reading at home

Please try to hear your child read at home. Although we teach the children the skills to help them to read, it is essential that they have chance to practice these reading skills at home every day. On Fridays it is reading morning and we will be rewarding the children that have read 3 times a week at home, the children will receive a sticker and a star on the class chart. The children with stars every week will be rewarded with a certificate and a prize at the end of the term.

Enterprise – Thank you so much for supporting our Christmas coffee and cake morning last term. The children have enjoyed raising money for the class.

Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure that your child brings their book bag, water bottle and PE kit to school every day. Thank you so much for your help and support.