School Council Update

Meet the School Council

Grace, Henry, Leia, Elexi-Jai, Tyler, Callum Caitlin, Nicole, Kelsie-Leigh and Mitch.   The voice of the most important people in Spire School – the children!

We are so pleased and proud to have been voted for, then elected by other children in our classes, to represent them and share their ideas during our monthly School Council Meetings with Mrs. McLaughlin.

Each class has weekly Class Council meetings, where concerns, worries and great ideas are noted and forwarded to us, as School Council representatives, ready to be raised during our next meeting.

It seems like we’ve had more than 3 Meetings so far… we have been so busy and are proud of our achievements!

During our first Meeting in October we elected a Chair Person, Callum and a Secretary, Grace. Outdoor/Indoor team members were also chosen.  It soon became obvious that we would each take our role very seriously and responsibly. Callum is doing a great job leading our meetings. Grace’s minutes are proudly displayed on our School Notice Board for all to read.

In November, we had our requested Halloween Disco, to help raise funds for the big, expensive project we’d all suggested during Class Councils…  some more (we’ve already had a super horizontal climbing wall) outside exercise, climbing equipment.

In December we had our “Mini Leaders” training. We are now looking forward to demonstrating new fun games to play at both playtimes, to encourage teamwork and friendships across the school.

December also saw Henry’s super thoughtful fund raising idea become a reality!  We made more than £30 by having our own stall on the Christmas Fair selling toys/books etc. donated by other children in school.

Yippee!! Our Trim Trail- chosen by us all  (voting on which sections looked the most fun) has been started and will be completed as soon as possible in the New Year.  A huge “Thank you” to Parents/Carers Governors and Friends of the School for your continual support.

We’re all looking forward to next year, collecting and sharing ideas to help make our school even more fantastic than it already is!!

From the School Council Team 2014…2015