Reception’s Christmas Decoration Day

We had a lovely day on Friday creating Christmas decorations with some of our parents and carers.

We made beautiful things to take home with us and had lots of fun.

Some of our adults even stayed to have lunch with us.

Here are a few of the pictures we managed to capture…

WD_78FC WD_2A64 WD_5E9F WD_AAAC WD_9FC7 WD_6B6F WD_991C WD_110A WD_F052 WD_2702 WD_62E7 WD_AFF0 WD_C179 WD_81C4 WD_50B7 WD_9BCC WD_432B WD_4CFF

Thank you to all the adults that came and helped us to enjoy our day, your support is really appreciated!