Reception’s Arctic afternoon

We had a lovely afternoon on Thursday building our giant igloo and creating lots of winter themed crafts. Here are a few of the pictures we managed to capture…     WD_19C9 WD_CF44 WD_3577 WD_2511 WD_104C WD_68F3 WD_909F WD_09A8 WD_CCAC WD_9B9E WD_3A90 WD_D5B1 WD_3E5D WD_24DE WD_EAD3 WD_BAC6 WD_E4FF WD_257D WD_2F66 WD_FF6C WD_1073 WD_56A5 WD_E78C WD_D197 WD_5736 Thank you to all the parents who supported us by attending or donating to our class enterprise. We really appreciate your support.