Reception Summer 6 Newsletter

Welcome back everybody. We hope you have all had a lovely break and are looking forward to our final term!

Each week will have a different focus which is listed below:


Week 1 Under the sea – The Deep
Week 2 Rainbowfish
Week 3 Sea Travel
Week 4 Sea Creatures
Week 5 Pirates
Week 6 Pirates
Week 7 Children’s choice


School Donations

We always appreciate donations of spare school clothes. If you have any school uniform that your child has grown out of please bring it into school. We are especially short of socks and tights.


Important Dates

Sports Day!

On Monday 4th July it will be sports day. Please make sure your child has their P.E kit and feel free to come along to watch and cheer on your children in their races.

Seahorse Class Assembly!

On Tuesday 5th July it will be the Seahorse class assembly, all about life under the sea. Please come along to watch and support your children performing.

Pirate activity day!

Thursday 7th July we will be having a pirate activity day where children may come in fancy dress.



This term in Numeracy the children will be learning to apply their number skills in different situations. They will be adding and subtracting numbers and writing their own number sentences. They will be looking at and weighing different items.

They will also be counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.


Understanding the world

Over the term the children will be investigating ‘water’. They will be looking at the different uses of water around school and in their homes and how this differs from other countries. The children will be thinking about sea creatures and how human impact can affect them. They will also look at endangered species and what we can do to help them!



Through Literacy this term the children will be looking at a variety of texts including fiction and non-fiction. All of the books we look at will have a common theme of ‘Out at sea’. The texts include ‘Commotion in the Ocean’, ‘Tiddler’ and ‘Rainbow fish’. The children will be thinking about writing their own stories linked to these topics. The children will be using their reading skills to find out about sea creatures and endangered sea animals.