Spring 4 Newsletter – Reception

Welcome back, we hope you have all had a lovely break and are looking forward to learning lots of new things.

Our new topic is…


During this fantastic topic we will be looking at a variety of superheroes and their different powers.

Each week will have a different focus these are:

Week 1  Superheroes and their superpowers
Week 2  Traditional Superheroes
Week 3  Super Tato
Week 4  Superhero settings
Week 5  Superworm
Week 6 Real life Superheroes
Week 7 Real life Superheroes

Exciting things that will be happening

Frankie and Bennies visit: We have booked a visit to Frankie and Bennies to make and eat pizza. The Jellyfish class will be going on Tuesday 7th March and the Seahorse class the following week on Tuesday 14th March. The visit will take place during normal school day times.

Mother’s afternoon: On Monday 20th March we are inviting all Mums and Grandmas into school for an afternoon of pampering and Mother’s day activities.


Learning Logs

We really appreciate your continuing support with learning logs. The children take great pride in these and love sharing them with their peers. It really does add to their learning when these tasks are completed. Please ensure that the children bring them back by Tuesday of the following week so they can share theirs with their friends.


PE Kits

All children require the recommended school PE kit in school and on their pegs so it is available to use on a weekly basis. It would be very helpful if names were in every item of clothing including footwear. It would also be helpful to check your child’s footwear still fits as they have grown considerably since September and we will take part in some outdoor PE as the weather improves.



This term in Numeracy the children will be extending their knowledge of number by adding and subtracting. They will be looking at money and the value of different coins through making a given total with different coin combinations as well as measuring using standard and non-standard measures, naming and describing shapes and their properties and sharing different amounts.


Through Literacy this term the children will be looking at different Superheroes, their powers and their home settings. They will research and find out what makes a good superhero and they will then create their own. The children will continue to develop their reading and writing skills through daily phonics sessions and apply this in Literacy sessions. Children will be writing labels, captions and sentences for different purposes, including recounts of Superhero adventures, plots and character descriptions.


Reading at home

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support with your child’s reading- they are making fantastic progress. It is fantastic to see the children so enthusiastic towards their reading.  It is lovely to see so many of you reading on a regular basis with them and changing their book frequently- it really does make such a difference. Please continue to encourage the children to recognise the sounds in words and blend them together for reading.