Rainbow Fish January Newsletter

Our Spring term 3 topic is…

 Around the World in 80 Days



Happy New Year to Everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday and that the children had a good rest as they will be doing lots of exciting things over the next few weeks…

During this topic the children will be looking closely at Pirates and how they travel around the world…

In the week beginning Monday 2nd February they will be having a geography week. They will use world maps, globes and the internet to identify the United Kingdom, as well as the countries, continents and oceans studied at this key stage. They will pretend to be pirates traveling to China, India, France and Australia and record what they find out about these countries. In addition, they will use simple compass directions (North, South, East and West) and directional language (e.g. near and far; left and right) to describe the routes on a map. If you are travelling in the car, use this language to support your child: they could even read the maps for you… Don’t get lost now!!!


In PE they will be learning how to jump in different ways; on and off apparatus. When they master these skills, they can walk the plank and then JUMP!!!


This term in Maths the children will be learning about place value: they will learn to read and write numbers in numerals and word upto 100, plus count in 2’s, 5’s, 3’s  and 10’s. They will also be learning to do calculations, using counters, on the number line but also begin to calculate using column addition. The children will also be learning to recognise different denominations of coins, and finally be learning about fractions; half or a quarter of an object/shape /quantity. Please support their learning in any way you can at home.


Through Literacy this term the children will be looking at a variety of texts fiction and non-fiction. All of the books we look at will have a common theme of Pirates. They will be reading and writing poems, writing modern stories reflecting their own experiences, writing messages in bottles and reading and writing Pirate reports. The children will be learning to read key words in these texts and read short tories. They will also be learning to write short stories about the text we have read… We will be paying particular attention to how ensuring our presentation is excellent. We always ensure we have capital letters, full stops and finger spaces however you may spot children using apostrophes, speech marks and question marks in their work.