Rainbow Fish Class Summer 5 Newsletter

Summer Term 5 Newsletter                                            Rainbow Fish Class

Last term the children really enjoyed learning about ‘Deep Down Underground’ and this term we will be learning about Traditional Stories in our topic ‘Once Upon a Time’ We will be learning about a variety of different stories and looking at the differences and similarities of these stories.

In Literacy we will be looking at stories that the children do not already know and predicting the endings of these stories. We will also be trying to write our own narratives of familiar stories. We will be concentrating on writing independently and using our phonics to help us whilst at the same time remembering our full stops and capital letters and finger spaces. If your children do any writing at home please help them to remember these things and send it into school for us to see. We will be continuing with our ‘BIG Write’ and the children’s completed work will be placed on the writing wall. Please feel free to look at your child’s work with them to see how they are improving each time.

In Numeracy we will be looking at number words and place value whilst adding and subtracting numbers. We will also begin looking at multiplication and division.

In Science we will be looking at a variety of materials and linking them to the stories that we read, for example the materials needed for the 3 pig’s houses.

In art we are looking at a variety of artists’ work and creating our own in their style

Reading at home.

Last term we had more children who had read 3 times at home every week. We will be keeping a log of every child that reads 3 times at home each week and they will receive a treat at the end of the term.

In school we teach the children the skills that they need to read. In order for them to progress and become fluent readers, it is essential that they get the opportunity to practise reading at home so that they can use the skills that they have learnt. It is especially important this year as the children will be assessed on their phonic skills in their Phonic Screening check which will take place in June 2016


We would like to thank the parents who work with their children each week to complete their homework. The children will still have their homework challenge along with their spellings to complete each week. These challenges can be found in the booklet that they have already taken home. We are looking forward to seeing what the children produce. We will be keeping a log of who returns homework again this term and at the end of the term the children who return it every week will get a treat.

Things this term

This term the children will be having a visit from Warburtons and we will be going to visit a Windmill. Also we will be holding a Parent’s Meeting to discuss the Phonic Screening check that will be taking place in June. Details of both of these events will follow shortly.