Advice from a Woodpecker- Find your own rhythm, Peck away at obstacles, Be colourful, Carve out a place for yourself, Make your voice heard, It’s OK to be a little flashy, Use your head!

The teachers in this class are Mrs Edwards on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Hill on Thursday and Friday. The Teaching Assistants in our class are Mrs Silcock and Miss Martin. We also have a trainee teacher called Mrs Buxton working with us who will be here in the Autumn and Summer term. We will be working on the objectives from the National Curriculum through fun and engaging activities whilst still accessing play based learning inside and outside.

Our library day will be Monday and our PE days will be on a Wednesday and a Thursday.

Spr 4 Newsletter - posted 2nd Mar

We are continuing our Spring term topic which is….Once Upon a Time! Welcome back to you all!
We hope you have all had a lovely half term break holiday and that the children have had a good rest as they will be doing lots of exciting things over the next four weeks until Easter.

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Autumn 2 newsletter - posted 17th Nov

Our Autumn term 2 topic is… Heroes and Villains
Welcome back, we hope that you have enjoyed the break and are ready for what will be a very busy half term.
Our Autumn 2 topic is ‘Heroes and Villains’. During this topic we will be doing lots of exciting activities themed around both fictional and non-fictional superheroes and villains. As part of our history lessons we will be learning about Guy Fawkes and Grace Darling, as well as the meaning of Remembrance Day. In addition, we will be visiting the National Emergency Services museum in Sheffield and seeing how the fire, police and ambulance services have changed over the years.

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Autumn 1 newsletter - posted 7th Sep

Our Autumn term 1 topic is… Ahoy There!
Welcome back, we hope you have enjoyed the summer holidays and are looking forward to a new start in Year 1 with Mrs Edwards, Mrs Hill, Mrs Silcock and Miss Martin.
Our topic this term is called ‘Ahoy There!’. During this topic we will be doing lots of exciting activities themed around pirates! We will be reading the books ‘Pirates Love Underpants’and ‘The Pirates Next Door’ and completing writing activities based around the story. As part of our Geography lessons we will be boarding our class pirate ship and we will be sailing around the world stopping at different countries along the way. The children will also be designing and making their own treasure island. Towards the end of the term we will be celebrating our topic by having a pirate fun day, full details will be sent home nearer the time.

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