Spring 3 newsletter

Super Squirrel Class – Spring Term 3
Welcome back, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break.

Our new topic for the next few weeks is called Brrr, its cold! The role play area will be transformed into the Polar Regions (Arctic and Antarctica), where children can explore what it would be like to live in a different climate. 

In Science this half term, we will be learning all about animals and their habitats from cold climates and we will also carry out some exciting experiments with ice!
In Geography, we will be looking at the world and comparing where we live to the Polar Regions (North and South Pole). We will explore how humans and animals survive in extremely cold conditions and we will also address global warming. We will also investigate what ‘Scott of the Antarctic’ is famous for on our History afternoon.
During our outdoor learning experiences, Mr Petch will be working with children to look for signs of winter and help children to monitor the weather and create a weather book. They will also look at measuring time through different activities. Every Friday during golden time, the children will have the opportunity to explore and play a range of musical instruments in the classroom.

This term in Maths, the children will be learning about:
• Solving division and multiplication facts.
• 2D & 3D shapes and their properties.
• Measurement; using the appropriate measures for length/ height, weight/ mass.
To help your child, please encourage them to practice word problems at home. E.g. if a tree was 16m high and 12m was cut off. How high would it be now?

This term in Literacy, the children will be looking at a variety of texts and writing for different purposes. They will look at fiction and non-fiction about the Arctic and Antarctica. They will also research these topics through ICT to help them write their own fact files and stories. There will also be emphasis on learning contractions (don’t, can’t, I’m, it’s) so please point these words out as they read at home.

Homework will be set every week based on what has been taught that week. The more they practice, the more they can consolidate what they have learnt. As you can imagine, the next few months will be a very important time for your child. We want all children to achieve their potential, therefore good attitudes to learning is expected every day within school. Please reinforce this at home.

Dates for your diary:
• Tuesdays and Wednesdays – PE (please leave full kits in classroom)
• Friday 2nd February – Zulu Nation (African dance and music)
• Tuesday 13th February – Valentine’s Disco
• Friday 15th February – Break up for half term

Thank you for your continuing support. The Year 2 team.