Autumn 2 newsletter

Super Squirrel Class

Our next topic up until Christmas is going to be BEST OF BRITISH.
This is going to be a busy but very exciting and enjoyable half term.

best of british

Weeks 1-3: We will learn all about the Great Fire of London. The roleplay area will represent the Great Fire of London.
Weeks 4-5: We will learn all about Florence Nightingale and the roleplay area will become a hospital to support that learning.
Weeks 6-7: We will learn all about Toys, Past and Present. The roleplay area will become Santa’s Toy Factory.
We will also send home a homework booklet relating to the Best of British topic.



This term in Maths, the children will be learning about:
• Solving addition and subtraction problems.
• Solving division and multiplication problems.
• Understanding the value of money (different coins/ notes) and solving money problems.


This term in Literacy, the children will be looking at a variety of texts; The Great Fire of London, Florence Nightingale and Samuel Pepys. They will also write for different purposes including: newspaper reports, recounts, diary entries and instructions.
In grammar, they will be studying about suffixes (things added to root words to change their meaning. For example, walked, slowly, faster, painting, etc.).


Dates for your diary:
• Monday 30th October – Halloween Disco.
• Friday 3rd November – Y2 trip to the Garden.
Weds 7th & Thurs 8th November – Parents’ consultation evenings.
• Friday 17th November – Children in Need day.
• Friday 1st December – Christmas decoration day (in the morning).
• Wednesday 20th December – Y2 Nativity performances (AM and PM).
• Thursday 21st December – Y2 Christmas party (in afternoon).
• Friday 22nd December – Whole school visit to church (carol singing).
Friday 22nd December – SCHOOL CLOSES. Return Monday 8th January.