Summer 5 Newsletter

Summer Term 5 Topic is…

Farm to Fork

Our topic for the next term is Farm to Fork. The role-play area will represent a small-world farm and a farm shop. It will be a very busy term as we have lots going on (Please see dates below).

In science we will be learning about animals and their young, habitats and lifecycles. We will also be doing lots of work on being healthy. Mr Petch will also help children to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy vegetable garden by writing lists of jobs and carrying out the jobs. He will also help children to understand how to look after and care for the animals on our farm.

In History, we will be exploring farming from the past and comparing foods from around the world. We will explore how food reaches our forks; to do this we will take a trip to Tesco and investigate how the food got there! In RE, we will be looking at how Ramadan is celebrated and comparing it to other religions.

Dates to remember…

Monday 7th May: Bank Holiday (school closed)

Week beginning 7th May: SAT’s revision week

Monday 14th May: Marvellous Maths Day

Week beginning 14th May: SAT’s week

Monday 21st: Y2 Enterprise Day

Tuesday 22nd May: Trip to Frankie & Benny’s followed by McDonalds (if we raise enough money through Enterprise!!!). Then go and have a fun afternoon at the park.

Thursday 24th May: Y2 visit to the supermarket (Tesco)



This term in Maths we will be learning to gain ‘Mastery’ in calculation…we will be doing lots of work involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In addition, we will cover many areas of measures including, time, capacity, mass and length. We will also be looking at turns and directions. Please take every opportunity to support your child by asking them to solve ‘verbal’ word problems. This will help improve their mental problem solving skills.



Through English this term the children will be looking at a variety of texts and writing for different purposes. We will read texts relating to our topic, including Farmer Duck, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Enormous Turnip. With Mr Petch we will also write about how to care for our animals and gardens. As you can imagine, the next few weeks will be a very important time for your child. We want all children to achieve their potential, therefore a good attitude to learning is expected every day.

SAT’s practise week: W/B Monday 7th May

SAT’s Week: W/B Monday 14th May

(if your child is unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, they are required to sit these independently on their return)

Thank you for your continuing support.

Year 2 Team.