Spring 4 Newsletter

Make a Splash!

Our topic for the next few weeks is Make a Splash! The role-play area will represent a small-world seaside and then on board a big ship! In science we will be learning about materials and how they are used for different purposes. For example, they will be designing and creating their own boat using their knowledge of waterproof materials. We will carry out several experiments with water to understand what causes waves in the sea and what effect waves have on beaches and coastlines. In Geography, we will be locating continents and main oceans and looking at features of the seaside. We will also have a History day: researching The Titanic and learning about its adventures. As part of our outdoor learning experiences, Mr Petch will help children to gain ‘Mastery’ in Measurements… You can help by encouraging your child to measure length (cm & m) capacity (ml & litres) and mass/weight (g & kg) at home through many practical activities.

Dates to remember…

Monday 26th and Wednesday 28th February: parents’ evenings… please sign up.

Thursday 1st March: World Book Day: David McKee is the author that we will focus out activities around (Elmer, the patchwork elephant)

Friday 9th March: Mother’s Day ‘Pamper Day’ (2.00 in class)

Wednesday 14th March: Y2 spelling competition with other local schools!

Monday 19th March: Easter Decoration Day: 8.40 – 10.30

Week beginning 19th March: Practise SAT’s week.


This term in Maths we will be learning about 3D shapes: please look around the local environment to recognise them. Fractions are also being taught, so please encourage your child to cut up paper or VEGETABLES into halves and quarters! We will also be learning different measurements, turns, and directions and positioning. As SAT’s are getting closer, it is vital that the children need to gain a secure, understanding of the many skills involved especially with calculations, so please ask the class teacher which aspect of maths is being taught each week so that you can consolidate their learning through other activities at home.


Through English this term the children will be looking at a variety of texts and writing for different purposes. They will read the story of The Rainbow Fish, The Titanic and read and discuss poems relating to our topic. The children will then create an alternative version of The Rainbow Fish story, a letter writing about the events that happened on the Titanic and finally writing fish/water themed poems.

Homework will still be set every week. Please encourage your child to complete it independently. The more they practise, the more they can consolidate all that has been taught in class. As you can image, the next two months will be a very important time for your child. We want all children to achieve their potential, therefore good attitudes to learning is expected every day.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Year 2 Team.