Busy Bees Nursery Newsletter Spring 4 2017

Nursery Newsletter Spring 4 2017

Thank you for your support and involvement last term. The children appeared to really enjoy our learning theme and exploring different occupations through role play, talking to special visitors and our trips to the local library and the Hunloke cafe.

Our Learning Theme this term is: Dens and Where We Live

Please see the mini themes listed below….

Week 1 – The Three Little Pigs

Week 2 – Gardens and Mr Bloom’s Nursery

Please bring in any empty 2 litre pop bottles you may have (we are hoping to build a bottle greenhouse)

Week 3  – Rory the Racing Car

Week 4 -Tree Houses

Week 5 _-Wild Animal Homes

Week 6- Frozen Castles

27th March  Children may wear their own Frozen themed dressing up to Nursery (please note we will have dressing up available for children to wear if they do not have any at home).

Week 7- Skegness, Camping and Caravans

Please bring in any family holiday photos for your child to talk about and share with others.

Other Information

Our Nursery Easter celebrations are to be confirmed at a later date.

We would like to remind all parents and carers that you are welcome to stay and play during any Nursery session, please talk to your child’s Key Worker to make arrangements for this.

Please note it would be valuable for parents/ carers who were unable to attend our parent/ child consultation meetings to speak to their child’s key worker at the start of the Nursery session to share your child’s achievements and new targets.

Mrs Aitken wants to thank parents for their feedback about the Nursery Library and will be using your ideas to make improvements to our current provision.

We are hoping to make pancakes with the Children on Pancake day (next Tuesday), we would like to politely remind parents to pay snack/ baking money (£1.50) at the start of each term to enable us to plan and buy snack and baking ingredients.

This term we will be welcoming some more new children to our Nursery. This can be a useful time to talk to your children about how they may have felt when they first started Nursery and opportunity to talk about others’ feelings and how we can help them.