Busy Bees Newsletter Summer 6 2016

Busy Bees Nursery

Summer 6 Newsletter 2016

Welcome back to Summer 6 Term, we hope that you had a relaxing break and that the children enjoyed the sunshine. As always, the last term of the school year is always a busy one, so please make a note of important dates at the end of the newsletter.

This term we will be arranging some transition visits for the children who will be joining our Reception class in September. These transition sessions will happen during the nursery session so you don’t need to do anything differently but your child may tell you that they have been to visit big school.

Our new Reception building has now been completed and some of you will have already been inside for PEEPs sessions with Miss Morris. We are really pleased with the building and are in the process of drawing up plans to develop the outdoor play area with the help of our outdoor learning teaching assistant, Mr Petch.

The self service snack on a Wednesday has been very popular with the children. They have enjoyed pouring, spreading, cutting and of course eating the snack. Thank you for your contribution of £1.50 per term for baking and Wednesday’s snack.

This term the learning theme is Move Around,all around!

The term is broken into weekly mini themes…

Week 1 – Let’s Go- Cars and taxis

Week 2 – Buses and coaches

Week 3 – Train Trips

Week 4 – Boats

Week 5 – Air Travel- moving around the world

Week 6 – Space

Week 7 – Children’s Choice




Dates for you diary….

  • Summer 6 term starts on Tuesday 7th June
  • Thursday 23rd June- Spire Reception Class new parents meeting 9am and 2.45pm
  • Thursday 30th June- Nursery closed-trip to Wheelgate
  • Saturday 9th July- Summer Fayre 2pm-4pm
  • Monday 11th July- Nursery Sports day 10.45am and 2.30pm
  • Thursday 21st July- Nursery breaks up




  • Baking and Wednesday snack money £1.50 per term.
  • Library morning and baking- every Friday
  • Please continue to share any of your child’s milestones on the green paper handprints displayed just inside the nursery door.
  • As the weather gets warmer, please send you child to Nursery with a sun hat and sun cream applied at home. They may also bring a bottle of water with the name on, no juice please.

As always, we hope your child has a happy term with us, if you have any concerns, please see a member of staff, who will be happy to help.