Busy Bees Newsletter Summer 5 2017

Nursery Newsletter Sumer 5 2017

Our Learning Theme this term is: Growing

Please see the mini themes listed below….

Week 1 – Jasper’s Beanstalk – Looking for Giants

Week 2 – One Mole Digging a Hole (Julia Donaldson, listening for rhyming words)

Week 3  – Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddle Walk

Week 4 – I’m growing and changing too!!

Please bring in any baby photos of your child to talk about and share with others.

Week 5 – Magical Mini-beasts and Fabulous Frogs

This term we will again be welcoming some more new children to our Nursery. This can be a useful time to talk to your children about how they may have felt when they first started Nursery and opportunity to talk about others’ feelings and how we can help them

Preparing for Transition to ‘Big School’

As our children have received notification of their Reception place, during the next two terms we will be preparing our children for ‘Big School’.

Please speak to Mrs Aitken if you would like additional support helping your child to ‘give up’ their dummy (this will support their speech development) and speak to Miss Mellors if you would like additional support ideas for toilet training your child (children without additional medical needs should typically be able to use the toilet independently by 36 months and usually be dry and clean during the day by 40-60 months).

Children are learning early reading skills in Nursery. One way to support this at home is to borrow books from the Nursery library each week and share these with your child at home. Some children in our Nursery will already take part in a phonic group session where they are encouraged to listen to sounds and some are beginning to link letters to these. Please speak to Miss Mellors if you have any questions about this.

In school we use Jolly Phonics to support phonic knowledge, please see the below site for some game, songs and rhymes to support your child’s learning


Nursery Trip

As of yet we have not decided on where we will go for our school trip this year. We like to link to our visit to our learning theme and experiences the children have in Nursery (next term this will continue to be the theme, Growing).

Do you or your child have any School Trip suggestions for the provisional date of Wednesday 28TH June?



Please Remember!!

You are always welcome to Stay and Play!

We would like to politely remind parents to pay snack/ baking money (£1.50) at the start of each term to enable us to plan and buy snack and baking ingredients.

Friday the 9th of June will be an inset day.