Busy Bees Newsletter- Autumn 1 Term 2016

Busy Bees Nursery

Autumn 1 Newsletter 2016

Welcome back to the start of a new school year, we hope that you had a relaxing summer break and that the children enjoyed the sunshine. The nursery is quiet at this time of year, as our older children have now left to go to Reception class but our old children all seem happy to be back. We welcome several new starters this year and in general they seem to be settling very well.

Please can I remind you all that we offer additional nursery sessions priced at £15 per session, including lunch time supervision. These sessions are very flexible and parents can book children in as often or as little as they wish. Please make sure that you book and pay for these sessions in advance in the school office. In addition to this we also offer breakfast club priced at £2.50 from 7.30am-8.40am and after school club priced at £3.50 from 3.20pm-5.45pm.

The self service snack on a Wednesday has been very popular with the children. They have enjoyed pouring, spreading, cutting and of course eating the snack. Thank you for your contribution of £1.50 per term for baking and Wednesday’s snack.

Please see that latest newsletter on the school website for important dates for this term.

This term the learning theme is Books and Rhymes

The term is broken into weekly mini themes…

Week 1 – Nursery Rhymes

Week 2 – Nursery Rhymes

Week 3 – Nursery Rhymes

Week 4 – Traditional Tales

Week 5 – Traditional Tales

Week 6 – Animal Stories, Songs and Rhymes

Week 7 – Princes and Princesses


  • Baking and Wednesday snack money £1.50 per term.
  • Library morning and baking- every Friday
  • Please continue to share any of your child’s milestones on the green paper handprints displayed just inside the nursery door.

As always, we hope your child has a happy term with us, if you have any concerns, please see a member of staff, who will be happy to help.